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Business Process Analysis

As part of our methodology, we put a strong focus on the analysis of your business to build together the most efficient solution for your business
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Needs identification
  • Business Process Review
  • Analysis documentation
  • Technical specifications doc

Mobile development

Enterprise mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows platforms helping you enhance your business and lead your industry.
  • Hybrid Mobile App
  • iOS & Android App Development
  • Windows App Development
  • App publishing on stores
  • Product Architecture
  • QA / Testing
  • UX/UI Design

Web development

Fully custom web application development to support business needs and requirements
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Back-end in PHP/Symphony & MySQL
  • API Development
  • Web components in Angular
  • Deploy apps with Docker
  • UX/UI Design

Software development

Software development, IT Services and system integration
  • Custom Software Development
  • API Development and Integration
  • Application Maintenance
  • Backup & Security
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • QA / Testing

Our Methodology

Our hybrid project management solution is a combination of Waterfall ang AGILE methodologies in which the planning and requirements phase is undertaken under a waterfall approach and the design, develop, implement, and evaluate phases follow the agile methodology.

Waterfall has been a project management methodology for years.It comprises static phases (requirements analysis, design, testing, implementation, and maintenance) that are executed in a specific order. Waterfall allows for increased control throughout each phase but can be highly inflexible if a project’s scope changes after it is already under way. It offers a more formal planning stage that may increase the chances of capturing all project requirements up front, reducing the loss of any key information and requirements in the initial stages.

As a project management methodology, agile is highly interactive, allowing for rapid adjustments throughout a project. It is commonly used in software development projects in large part because it makes it easier to identify issues quickly and to make modifications early in the development process, rather than having to wait until testing is complete. Agile offers repeatable processes, reduces risk, allows for immediate feedback, provides fast turnaround and reduces complexity.


  • Identification of stakeholders and sponsors
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Security related information and gathering
  • Service Level Agreements and its conditions


  • Business Process Review
  • Capturing of Stories (functionnalities)
  • Prioritize stories
  • Define Iteration SPAN (time)
  • Resource planning for both Development and QA teams


  • Break down of tasks
  • Test Scenario preparation for each task


  • Coding & Unit testing
  • Test Scenario preparation for each task
  • Execution of Manual test scenarios
  • Mid Iteration review
  • End of Iteration review


  • Small Releases
  • Regression Testing
  • Demos and reviews
  • Develop new stories based on the need
  • Process Improvements based on end of iteration review comments


  • Pilot Launch
  • Training
  • Production Launch
  • Production Support

Our values


Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated, We think customer


Together we make the difference, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit


Be Adventurous, Creative, Straightforward and Open-Minded


We are determined to deliver, Service matters !